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Our Company

Our Company

Haynncorp™ designs and manufactures specialized industrial process equipment for the Finishing Industry and beyond.

Maintaining a strong relationship with our suppliers is a key element to Haynncorp's customer service, continuous improvement, and product development

When you go with Haynncorp™ - you go with the best!

  • Anderson Bolds
  • Eclipse Burners
  • Riello Burners
  • Karl Dungs Valves
  • Cincinnati Fan
  • New York Blower
  • Cleveland Controls
  • Dwyer
  • TDC Filter
  • RJ Manufacturing
  • Precision Design Electrical Engineering
  • Ideal-Line
  • and MORE!
Proprietary Drying Process

New and improved

This oven was designed for the customers' proprietary drying process. The unit's interior working dimensions are 24 ft wide x 13 ft high x 23 ft deep. The massive bi-folding doors are free hanging with no wheel supports. The three section roof and heavy-duty doorway header are suspended by custom fabricated trusses that are hung on an I-Beam framework that allows the massive structure to accommodate expansion and contraction. A typical process commands the oven to ramp and hold from 160 deg F to 650 deg F and back down over the course of up to 6 days. Controls feature local and off-site programming and data aquisition. Heat is provided by a 5 million BTU Eclipse RatioMatic burner coupled with the latest Eclipse Trilogy flame safety equipment.
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